First, Mythcraft is FREE and always will be, so it is accessible to everyone! Mythcraft’s game design is intended both to welcome players new to the hobby and to entice power gamers that love looking for optimized ability combinations.

Leveling up in Mythcraft will be FUN: you don’t simply pick a predetermined path and get set features at each level. Instead, you get to custom-build your character from unique options and get to make your own decisions every time you level up.

We will include plenty of examples and simplified class decisions for any player who would like to get right in an start playing. At the same time, you are never restricted to recommendations. Build your character precisely the way YOU want to!

Mythcraft is a d20-based system that is moderately lethal by default. Character death can happen but is not necessarily frequent. This allows for a great deal of customization to best fit your own table’s desired type of gameplay. Notably, you are NOT unconscious while you’re dying, so your character retains their agency down to their final breath!


Of course, many TTRPG communities homebrew their own personal settings, and Mythcraft lends itself to this sort of play seamlessly. Regardless, the team at QuasiReal is developing an official campaign setting for Mythcraft RPGs.

The official Mythcraft setting spans four supereons and hundreds of thousands of years – or even millions – starting before the dawn of written history and spanning all the way into a distant sci-fi future.

Each of the four supereons of the Mythcraft universe will be published with detailed histories, information on nations, prominent NPCs, and everything you need to design an amazing campaign in that setting. We also anticipate publishing full adventure modules in this world. If QuasiReal’s current Kickstarter project is a smashing success, then we will release all four campaign settings next year!


Mythcraft is an RPG system that values its community. The company’s mission is to always be radically transparent about its processes and its intentions. One such intention is a commitment to keep Mythcraft FREE for all customers, always. Finances will never be a barrier preventing people from accessing or playing Mythcraft, and there will not be subscription-based paywalls.

Furthermore, the team at QuasiReal recognizes how deeply important a fan community is to any product. As such, QuasiReal commits to maintaining legal licensing that will allow any fan to use Mythcraft in their own work, including their own commercial work. We want to empower you to create the content and play the games that you want, and will never try to stand in your way. All profits you make on your own commercial ventures are yours! We will also offer templates and a publishing platform to assist you in your endeavors (although if you choose to utilize our tools we do share in the revenue generated.)

QuasiReal Publishing is a for-profit company, but we will never put profits before the customer. We anticipate making income in four key ways.

The first is through advertising on our website. Mythcraft will always be available for free online, and the ads on Mythcraft’s website will have strict consumer protections. They will not be annoying pop-outs that make it impossible to read our content, and we will not collect, retain, or sell your data. (Your privacy is important!)

Our second source of income will be through Kickstarter projects, and we anticipate having at least one Mythcraft publishing project in development at a time for the foreseeable future.

Related, our third source of income will be from customers who want to buy physical books and Mythcraft merchandise.

The fourth is through community content creators that use our publishing platform. Creators are not required to publish their material using our tools or marketplace, but we want to develop tools that support creators and will offer a reasonable profit share program for those who use them.

The game content will ALWAYS be available for free online, but if you want beautiful hardcover books, Mythcraft-specific dice, minis, plushies, you name it, we have you covered there, too!

There are other TTRPGs and publishers that offer fantastic worlds, game mechanics, and opportunities for the hobby to continue to thrive for both fans and creators.

Mythcraft is one such RPG system that welcomes you to participate in a safe and inviting community. Regardless of what happens in the future, Mythcraft RPG is free – and ALWAYS will be.

Thank you for your support!
-Grant, Nathan, Andi, and all the TO BE ANNOUNCED Creators of Mythcraft RPG.